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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | October 26, 2015 | 1:16 PM

Buying votes

1 Many people appreciate the anti-vote-buying campaign. But what about candidates who demand money to run for a party? At one time the asking rate was $2 million. Wonder what it is today?

Hard times

2 Some professionals, including medics and lawyers, are telling stories about hard times as they sit in their offices waiting for clients to show. And they are constantly thinking about the staff that has to be paid and all the bills that must be met.

Eternal sleep

3 Talk about an impatient heir to the throne! Folks say the dad was not even in his eternal sleep before the heir apparent started making significant changes to the business model.

Night noise

4 Finally! Neighbours in the upscale area who had become tired of the construction noises night and day are finally breathing a sigh of relief that the fortress is now complete. The question being asked is whether an impenetrable vault is among the special features on the estate.