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Eastern Europe Graduate Association launches Fundraising Dinner and Awards Ceremony

Published:Wednesday | October 28, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Professor Irvine McKenzie (centre), Kenny Salmon (right), and Bernard Williams, president of the Eastern Europe Graduate Association (EEGA), speak at the launch of the EEGA inaugural Fundraising Dinner and Awards press conference.

The Eastern Europe Graduate Association (EEGA) launched their Fundraising Dinner and Awards Ceremony slated for December 5 at the Norbrook residence of the Russian Ambassador.

The association works with the Russian Embassy to send students to Russia to further their education.

President of the EEGA Bernard Williams briefed the small gathering about the role of the group and their mentoring of youth heading to Russia to study. The programme's aim is to train Jamaican professionals to return to Jamaica and integrate themselves into leadership roles in government. With this in mind, the fundraiser will also be awarding persons who have benefited from the association and have been able to achieve this goal.

The fundraiser will be kept at the Mona Visitors' Lodge.