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Something Extra - Monday

Published:Sunday | November 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Little Lauren was certainly ready for the photo despite her mother, RW ambassador Nicole Campbell adjusting her napkin. Campbell and two of her children dined at Redbones Blues Café.
Is Joshua Campbell upset because his plate is empty or because it's past his bedtime?
Marsha Grant (left) of Cardiff Hotel and Spa poses with Christina Hylton of The Gleaner's Western Bureau while showing off The Gleaner Hour Giveaway App.
Members of the Active Runners group traded in their gear to enjoy fine dining at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel.
Diners at the Massy Gas Products main table enjoying the tasty desserts of Seahorse Grill.
Nicholette Wade accepts her prize from Ricardo Hanson of Massy Gas Products for winning a refill of 25 lb gas. She also took home an Ocean Spray gift basket, as well as a three-month subscription for both The Gleaner E-paper and print after dinning at Chill Out Hut and participating in The Gleaner’s happy hour.

The delectable days of Restaurant Week may be over, but the round-up will be just as savoury. Happy hour hit the right spots, and we caught up with a few cute and familiar faces. Here is your daily dose of EXTRA!