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Something Extra - Tuesday

Published:Monday | November 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Comedians Ity and Fancy Cat served up a healthy dose of laughter.
Lovely ladies (from left) Debra Taylor, Jeannie and Stephanie Scott.
Pepsi’s Shelly-Ann McMorris (left) and Dian Dooley flash a radiant smile as they enjoyed their refreshing beverage.
Dorraine Cox and Gary Sharma are caught in high spirits sipping on fine wine and enjoying each other’s company.
From left: After an exciting night, FLOW’s Nicole Campbell, Ity, Pepsi’s Elizabeth Swaby, SSCO’s Stephanie Scott, Fancy Cat, JoJo’s Anna Chin, Select Brand’s Jaime Bicknell, and JoJo’s Ryan Chin group up for a quick snap.
From left: Michael Mannion, Jonathan Spendlove, Ken Jackson, and Ends Kenny made their RW stop a boys’ night out.

Restaurant Week roundup is in full swing, and today, we bring highlights from the exciting execution by FLOW, Select Brands and Pepsi. Here is your daily dose of EXTRA.