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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | November 23, 2015 | 1:46 PM

Over to you!

1 So, an individual accused of fraud makes restitution and that's the end of the case? Be that as it may, however, an attorney-at-law is not just any accused person. There has to be some professional sanction applied to someone placed in such a position of trust who withholds a client's money. Over to you, General Legal Council.

Less hectic life

2 Spiritualists, purveyors of obeah, card

readers, and foretellers had such a busy season. Phew! Now that the elections are off, they can return to a less hectic life. What is great for them is that they can look forward to another round of consultations next year. By the way, God was busy, too.

Mommy dearest

3 The man had his eye on the widow ... more correctly, he had his eye on her bank account. Well, the children would have none of it. They read the riot act to Mommy dearest, and now, a guard is watching the house with strict instructions not to admit a certain person to the residence.

Official passports

4 It seems all kinds of people are whipping out official passports these days. Is there a protocol for who gets issued an official Jamaican passport? Perhaps the minister of foreign affairs should take some interest. In such

matters, it would not be cute to say, "me never know", when the moment of embarrassment arrives.