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Champions League's nail-biting finish

Published:Thursday | June 2, 2016 | 12:00 AMNashauna Lalah
From left: Elizabeth Mendoza, Diana Valle and Araceli Grave are all smiles for our lens.
Caught in conversation are from left: Damien King, Bert Van Selm, and Dian Edwards.
Rochelle Clarke sandwiched by Heineken's Moses Williams (left) and Oliver Hill.
Andrey Dryakin (right) shares lens with Guy Sevrin.
A very tense moment for from left: Joarim Fernandez, William Van Selm, Gonzalo Huertas, and his brother Curro.
A very jubilant Dimas Fernandez (left) and Amaury Silverio.
A smiling Vanessa Arango before the start of Saturday's match.

After 122 minutes, a winner could not be declared. Last Saturday's final of the Champions League football match had not only come down to the wire, it had gone into overtime.

Charge d' Affairs of the Spanish Embassy Carmen Rivers presented the perfect layout as specially invited guests gathered at the embassy residence in Norbrook, St Andrew, to watch the match. With an amazing spread by Bahia Principe and an abundance of Heineken, it was an afternoon of fun - but not for the faint of heart. Real Madrid fans were seated on one side and Atletico Madrid fans on the other, with all eyes glued to four giant television screens mounted in front of them.

Having equalised the match after half time, the Atletico Madrid fans were in high spirits despite the torrential downpour outside.

It was a nail-biting finish as the minutes ticked away and the match eventually went to a dreaded penalty shoot-out. The venue was filled with jubilant exclamations after each successful kick until the fourth attempt, which was missed by Atletico Madrid's Juanfran.

Cristiano Ronaldo was up next, securing victory for Real Madrid. The team's supporters at Norbrook were euphoric. They jumped, shouted, hugged each other and punched the air in glee. Their dejected counterparts would at least have lots of beer and good food to help them forget their troubles.