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Appleton keeps 'Dreams' alive

Published:Thursday | July 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM
From left: Dynamic Event Services’ Dollis Campbell shares lens time with Wray & Nephew’s Dominic Bell and Alison Moss-Solomon.
From left: Alexandria Fennell, Kaydene Thompson, Jaycinth Lynch and Nicole Fennell.
From left: Rishawn Steele, Onief Samuels, Brian Thelwell and Jaimie Samuels at the launch party for Dream Weekend at Tropical Bliss Beach in Montego Bay on Sunday.
From left: Steffan-Chad Haughton, Jason Parrish of Britjam, Selima Robinson and Adrian Parrish.
Rohan Younger, the exhibitionist.
From left: Ligie Lanza, Tramaine Lago, Ashley Chery-Mars, Tiffany Millor and Lori Harding.


Montegonians got their taste of what to expect at the highly anticipated Appleton Special Dream Weekend which kicks off July 28, in the Capital of Casual, Negril.

On Sunday, Appleton, in collaboration with a number of its sponsors invaded the new Tropical Bliss Beach at Whitehouse in Montego Bay at what can be dubbed a teaser of what is to be expected when the usually quiet landscape in Negril is transformed by party people.

Now in its seventh year, the organisers have unveiled plans for 10 parties in five days. The annual soiree concludes Monday, August 1, Jamaica's Emancipation Day.

Headlined by some of Jamaica's most sought after artists and DJs, on Thursday, July 28, the resort town comes alive with the Magnum Tonic Wine Dream Live. On Friday, July 29, the taste buds will sensitised to the Hennessy and Moet Celebrity Playground, in the afternoon, while SKYY Vodka at the Twisted (Glow), will complete the 24-hour day.

Saturday, July 30, it's a Moet Ice and Appleton Special Daydreams (All white) event, followed by Wray White Rum Yush '90s party.

As if these weren't enough Sunday July 31, the excitement moves to the Appleton Special Wet 'N' Wild Water Party and the Appleton Special World Vibes sound clash.

Five days and five nights of fun and frolic culminate, Monday, August 1; with the Wray White Rum Igloo Cooler party and the Appleton Special Dream J'ouvert paint, water and powder soca party.