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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Saturday | July 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Body Studio Skin Care's Michelle Vernon turned quite a few heads during the launch.
Tanisa Samuel (left) and Juanita Diaz in a playful mood.
From left: Allison Solomon, Antoinette Thompson and Aldria Grant share the spotlight.
VIP Attractions’ Tameka Bryce is certainly safe and secure in the arms of JPS, parish manager Rasheed Anderson and JPS’s operations and field services manager Kenny Wilkinson.
Gracing our lens are Natasha Black and Jaclue Norman.
From left: Melissa and Richard Ferdinand enjoy the company and conversation with Iberostar's Sonja Nalkiran and Philipp Hofer.


Less than a week away for the greatest reggae show on earth, the Second City played host to one of the highly anticipated Reggae Sumfest launch. SOMETHING EXTRA starts the week with the highlights.