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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Sunday | April 23, 2017 | 2:36 PM
Shelly Simpson (left) and Sharon Holt at the Xaymaca Road March.
The gorgeous Rebecca Silvera of Provocateur on the Xaymaca Road March.
Jermaine Barnaby Satara Elliot danced up a storm at Jamaica Carnival road march.
Jermanine Barnaby. The beautiful Lisa McDonald paused to show us the costume she designed at Jamaica Carnival road march.
Alexan Stewart is all feathered up for the Bacchanal Jamaica Road March.
Miss Universe Jamaica Isabel Dalley pauses the ‘wuk up’ festivities for a photo-op during the Bacchanal Jamaica Road March.
Rochelle Thompson and Kim Goodall having a whale of a time during the Xodus Road March.
Rachel Minto-Walker was picture-perfect at the Xodus Road March.

Carnival in the city! From north to south, east to west, four carnival bands took over the streets of St Andrew yesterday. Our cameras were out and about, and we start the week with all the highlights. Enjoy!