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Something Extra | Thursday

Published:Wednesday | April 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Lisandra Rickards looks phenomenal as she shares her soca powers with our camera.
Mellissa Johnson (left) and Shanica Nairne live for this time of year and fêted their hearts out.
From left: Jahlina Perry, Camilla Rasmussen and Sameca Leonhart pause for our camera.
These three beauties (from left) Mere Piper, Laura Pearson and Ashley Cuthbert having a grand time.
Tosh Alexander enjoying the vibes at Xodus road carnival.
Imani Dennie turned up at Xodus Carnival for one reason and one reason only – to have fun!
Carnival babes Lauren Gotay (left) and Stacey Balkaran.


We continue chipping down the road with more highlights from a newbie to the carnival road march line up Xodus Carnival. The women were beautiful and the costumes were colourful; but the vibe was the winner, hands down! Here are the highlights.