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Published:Sunday | May 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Flashing their beautiful smiles for our lens are (from left) Rose Bennett-Cooper, Sheryn Hylton Parker and Dr Donna Hope.
A toast between Argentina's ambassador to Jamaica Ariel Fernandez and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Kamina Johnson Smith.
King Alarms's John Azar is well complemented by his gorgeous wife, Gabriela.
Brazilian Ambassador Carlos Den Hartog (right) is greeted by son of the Argentinean Ambassador, Joakim Fernandez Hagen-Larsen, while Director of the Centre for Language and Culture Luna Less looks on.
The gorgeous couple of Greg Christie and his wife, Jan, supporting Argentina on their National Day.
The charismatic wife of Argentine Ambassador Helene Hagen-Larsen (left) greets the Charges d'Affaires of South Africa Philip Riley (right) and his lovely wife, Desiree.
International Seabed Authority's Michael Lodge (right) is greeted by Argentinean Ambassador Ariel Fernandez at the 207th Anniversary celebration of the May Revolution.

Every year on May 25, Argentineans the world over celebrate 'Dia de la Revolucion de Mayo' (Revolution Day), marking the beginning of the Argentinean war for independence. Well-wishers, friends of Argentina and members of the diplomatic corps journeyed to the home of Argentinean Ambassador to Jamaica Ariel Fernandez to raise a toast to the South American country.