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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Sunday | June 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM
With lips this bold, we couldn't miss Sanya Hughes on the red carpet of Caribbean Fashionweek's Gala last Thursday.
Fariel Ali-Khan and her perfect legs came out to play on Thursday.
Josef Bogdanovich and Mackella Moo-Young sure brought fashion and style to the Gala.
It never hurts to be bold and the night's festivities turned up a notch with Kathryn Phipps arriving in her show-stopping dress.
A supportive family makes the dream worth it. Donette, Kingsley, Carolyn and Safia Cooper basking in another successful event by the Caribbean Fashionweek family.
Shards Johnny brought her style from Suriname and the cameras loved it.
Jason Hendricks of Spirit striking a sharp pose with the stunning Suannee Stewart of Heineken.


The starry skies and gentle breeze provided the perfect atmosphere for the Caribbean Fashionweek's Gala last Thursday at the poolside of The Spanish Court Hotel. The mix of warm personalities and perfect cocktails undoubtedly resulted in the success of a well-planned and executed event. Here are the highlights.