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Something Extra | Tuesday

Published:Monday | June 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM
How could our lens miss the beautiful Shanna Duval?
Good vibe between (from left) Patrick Magendans, Stephan Vercrvysse and Aschwin Molendijk at Saturday's instalment of Iberostar's Chef on Tour.
Axel Paeckel is sandwiched by Xiomisel Paeckel (left) and Fernanda Fernandez.
The gorgeous duo of Stephenie Rodriguez (left) and Sonja Nalkiran.
Good wine and good food could not miss Caroline Rollins (left) and Stephanie Kokoszka.
Norma and Raul Medina.
From left: Sashan Anderson, Sophia Francis, Jodi-Ann Gillette and Latoya Lindo.

Despite the rains lashing the island over the weekend, Saturday was a tantalising evening out west as food aficionados braved the weather for another instalment of Iberostar's Chef on Tour. It was an extraordinary evening of culinary excellence with Chef Mario Gonzalez, and we have all the highlights.