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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Friday | April 5, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Saint International model Tami William shows off her style on the runway.
Renee Rattray is all dolled up in blue
Rusheika Parchment looking sleek in her little dress.
Billy Ferguson shows confidence in this outstanding attire.
Lisa Peterkin of Kinns Auto is all about the fashion.
From left: Pierre Battaglia, general manager of Couples San Souci, sharing a fashionable moment with Denys Wibaux, French ambassador to Jamaica, and his wife, Angelique.
Claudia Beyer looking quite fashionable as she poses for the camera.
‘Bright and beautiful’ is what came to mind when Juven Dunn caught the attention of our cameramen.

Fashion and friends! Model agency Saint International recently launched the 2019 Fashion Face of the Caribbean model search. The Courtleigh Auditorium, where the event was hosted, saw not only some great attire on the catwalk but nicely clad supporters sporting vibrant smiles and some unique pieces. Here are the highlights.