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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | April 16, 2019 | 12:00 AM

1. The half has not been told about the extent to which members of the Chinese community have suffered at the hands of rural criminals. There certainly is no brain drain in Westmoreland, for criminals have devised many ways to rob and plunder. Even when there are cameras, they disconnect the electricity and rob. Even when the shop is next door to the bank, the lodgements are snatched. It’s not pretty.

2. He is one of the most despised business persons, for even though he has great ideas, his partners are usually shafted and end up losing their investments. He uses people, and his antics overseas have given Jamaica a bad name.

3. People are praising the mother who reportedly handed over a weapon she found in her son’s house to the police. He was said to be very upset, but good old-time values trump badness all the time.