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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | April 29, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Shanique Minott is a beauty to behold as she shows off her costume with Xaymaca International.
Alia Legaux strikes this lovely pose in the midst of the road march on Carnival Sunday.
Gorgeous Xaymaca babes! From left: Davina Laylor, Renee Bryan and Narda Stephenson are ready to kick things off on the road with Xaymaca International.
Mommy Jinx, in all her radiance, is glowing in her Aphrodite costume.
Christal Dimakos (left) and Aneisa Debrios are all set to chip down the road with Xaymaca International.
Nicola Dumont was like a butterfly, feathered in green and orange in her Bangkok costume during the Xodus Road March.
Rhea Rampair, was a sight to behold, svelte and powered in her red leotard @silver_n3ko
Melissa Tate gets special security coverage as she takes to the road with Bacchanal Jamaica during the road march yesterday.

Hot, hot, hot! Less seemed to be the order of the day as revellers came out as bare as they dared, showcasing all their glory and dazzling onlookers as they paraded the streets of Kingston on road march day in some radiant costumes. Here are the highlights.