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Something Extra | Tuesday

Published:Tuesday | June 11, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Brand manager at Campari, Brit’ni Riley, and Jadeen ‘Jae’ McGhie from Romeich Entertainment welcomed patrons to a festive and artistic night.
Social media influenser Shanice “Shanzi” Allen was focused on outlining her painting.
Fashion Barber keeps it creative in his paint-inspired pants and a jacket made from oven mittens and cookware.
Karonna and Sharonna Atkins tried their best to replicate the Campari artwork created by Artify Ja.
Mala Morrison enjoyed a mixture of her favorite Campari cocktail before creating her masterpiece at the sip and paint.
A simply elegant Khayla Hamilton was dressed in all white as she geared up to participate in the night's festivities.

One of the world’s most stylish brands, Campari, recently launched its weeklong festivities to celebrate tantalising cocktails and bold flavours throughout the Caribbean. In true Campari fashion, patrons sipped, painted, and were sketched in fine style on the lawns of Chillin’ at the Serengetti. We bring you the highlights.