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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Friday | June 28, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Sharon Parris-Chambers, author of ‘Living Life as a Sacred Practice’, kept it simple and sweet in black and white.
Gatffest’s Savannah Peridot, deputy festival director, has every reason to stand proudly on the red carpet, having executed a successful opening night for the film festival.
Jamaica’s reigning Festival Queen, Ackera Gowie, is joined on the red carpet by emcee extraordinaire Dervan Malcolm.
Actress Tara Paterson, commands the attention of the camera, as she stops to strike a pose.
Bob Marley Foundation manager, Alicia Williams (left), and Paula Cameron, accountant at the foundation, make their entrance at the Gatffest Film Festival’s opening night.
Special guests from Canada (from left) actress Chantel Riley; film producer André Newell; actress Samantha Soucy; and the political consul at the Canadian High Commission, Kevin Gilhooly, get close for a group photo.
Canadian-Jamaican actress Chantel Riley, known for her debut role as Nala in the Germany leg of Disney’s ''Lion King'' Broadway show, was a touch of style, looking sexy sophistication in this dress.

Red Carpet events are becoming more popular among social butterflies of Jamaica. From small business launches to suave entertainment soirees, persons cannot resist putting on their evening best and finding the venue that is all laid out for them to show off their style. The recent Gatffest Film Festival Opening Night was no exception, as film industry professionals, actors, authors and producers alike, strutted the red carpet at the Mona Visitor’s Lodge and Conference Centre, anticipating the night of lights, camera and action. Here are the highlights.