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Something Extra | Wednesday

Published:Wednesday | July 3, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Medical doctor, Roshni Sawh, used her night off to catch a quick preview of the Jamaican-produced films.
It was not the typical movie night for Anielle Shakespeare and Garnet Malcolm.
(From left) Screenwriter and Co-Director of 'Flight', Kia Moses, recording artiste Zia Benjamin and her partner in film production, Cinematographer Gabrielle Blackwood, are anxious to capture every moment of the Jamaica Film Night, but could not resist a quick photo op.
It's not the norm for Director Kyle Chin, to find himself in the middle of a photo frame.
The smiles of Raakhi Williams (left) and Arielle Aiken were bright, some would say even brighter than the spotlight that shun on them as they made their entrance into the small theatre at the Bob Marley Museum for GATFFEST’s Jamaica Film Night finale.
CORRECTION Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Jamaica, Tian Qi (left), and Jiang Duo (right), attache at the embassy, shares a photo-op with Honorary Consul General of Thailand in Jamaica, Thalia Lyn.

There was much to see both on and off screen, at Gatffest’s Jamaica Film Night finale, held at the Bob Marley Museum recently, as guests turned out in simple fashion and style. Something Extra brings you the highlights.