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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | July 8, 2019 | 12:00 AM
What is success if your family isn’t there to help you celebrate? Sabrina Tingle, Charlene Davis, Annmarie Smith, Jennifer Bolt, Norma Peart and Winsome Wilkins were extremely happy to party.
Kasi came and Kasi slayed. Hello there, Kasi Bennett.
Proud of his start out of the musical blocks, Bolt shows just what he can do on the dance floor.
Cassandra and Andrew Bent were enjoying the vibe at ‘Olympe Rosé’ when we stopped to snap a picture.
May I have this dance? Can I get you another drink? Whatever the conversation, McKoy Gordon and Simone McFarlane had a great time at the launch event.
Roshani Howard and Brian ‘Ribbi’ Chung cruised fashionably across the dance floor, but made time for a photo.
Former footballer Ricardo ‘Bibi’ Gardener , now artiste, and his new favourite drink.

In a bid to make new records, Usain Bolt has turned to a new set of tracks. Bolt has been ‘working, working, working’ and we saw the fruits of his labour last Thursday night when he launched ‘Olympe Rose’, Tracks & Records. Olympe Rose is the name of both his new G.H MUMM champagne and ‘riddim’ which is the foundation of new Dancehall songs by Ding Dong, Bibi, Munga, Chris Martin and Dexta Daps. If you missed the night of beautiful strangers, decadent food and Sweet Champagne on the house, here are the highlights:

Mckoy Gordon and Simone Mcfarlane.Mckoy Gordon and Simone Mcfarlane.