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Bernard hunts three in a row

Published:Saturday | March 7, 2015 | 5:23 PMNodley Wright
Harbour View's coach Ludlow Bernard.

Ludlow Bernard will today go for a hat-trick of wins in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) since taking over from Andrew Hines as head coach of Harbour View Football Club when he leads them into battle against Montego Bay United.

The fifth-ranked Harbour View, on 41 points, are within striking distance of fourth-placed Humble Lion and third-placed Montego Bay United. With the two wins under their belt since Bernard's ascension, the 'Stars of the East' must be fancying their chances of getting back into the top four.

Unlike Barbican and Sporting Central, Harbour's recent victims, Montego Bay United, are playing like the elite of the league and are not concerned with matters such as relegation. So comfortable are they in the position and play that coach Carlos GarcÌa believes it is only a matter of time before they secure their semi-final spot.

"Well I think with 50 or 51 points, we will make it to the semi-finals, and with seven matches, we are in a good position," GarcÌa said of his defending champions, who are sitting on 44 points.

What makes GarcÌa even more confident of getting a positive result today and getting closer to the magical figure of 51 points is the fact that his team has come out of its goalless slump and is playing well.

"We are in a good patch. We are playing well, we look good, and the players have been looking very confident and sharp," the Spaniard added.

The form of the talented Dino Williams is also a plus.

"Dino scored last week, but he has been playing well. He had not scored for a while, but I was not worried because he was proving assists and has been very influential," GarcÌa gushed.

The above does not provide a very welcoming environment for Harbour View and Bernard concedes this.

"We are looking to continue winning, but we know it is going to be difficult, worse playing at their (MoBay) home, but we are putting in the work and the tactics of how to approach them," said Bernard.

Montego Bay United have been very difficult to beat at home with only Tivoli Gardens managing to get the better of them. That defeat was avenged two weeks later and the 'pride of the west' have not lost since.

Harbour View's chances will be helped by the return to action and form of John-Ross Edwards, but the absence of Jermie Lynch could be a blow to them even though they should have the services of their leading scorer, Ranique Muir, the powerful McKaully Tulloch, and the crafty veteran Jermaine Hue.


Today's games:


n 3:30 p.m: Barbican vs Sporting Central - Barbican Complex

n 3:30 p.m: Boys Town vs Rivoli United - Collie Smith Complex

n 3:30 p.m: Montego Bay United vs Harbour View - Wespow Park

n 3:30 p.m: Reno vs Tivoli Gardens - Frome Complex

n 6 p.m: Waterhouse vs Cavalier - Drewsland Stadium


Tomorrow's game:


n 8:30 p.m: Humble Lion vs Arnett Gardens - Effortville Community Centre





Arnett 26 16 4 6 43 27 16 52

Waterhouse 26 14 5 7 45 21 24 47

MoBay U 26 12 8 6 34 19 15 44

Humble 26 12 5 9 26 21 5 41

H View 26 11 7 8 35 31 4 40

Tivoli 26 11 5 10 34 33 1 38

Cavalier 26 9 7 10 20 17 3 34

Rivoli 26 9 7 10 37 39 -2 34

Boys' Town 26 8 6 12 25 36 -11 30

Sporting 26 8 3 15 27 43 -16 27

Reno 26 6 6 14 29 43 -14 24

Barbican 26 4 9 13 17 41 -24 21