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Premier League club profiles

Published:Saturday | September 5, 2015 | 6:04 PM
Waterhouse's Jermaine 'Tuffy' Anderson
file Arnett's Leon Strickland
file Harbour View's John-Ross Edwards
File Boys' Town's Rafiek Thomas
File Reno Denmark Gillings
File Humble Lion's Wolry Wolfe
File UWI's Akeem Thenstead
File Tivoli's Christopher Jackson
File Cavalier's Chevonne Marsh
File Montego United's Allan Ottey
File Rivoli United's Cory Burke
Portmore United's Ewan Grandison

Arnett Gardens

When formed: 1977

Position last five seasons: Eighth, eighth, fourth, fourth, champions

Players arriving: Lamard Neil, Davion Garrison, Javasca Taylor, Tajar Phillips, Roger Bucknor, Lennox Russell, Andre Moulton, Antonio Radcliffe, Garfield Rennicks, Lenworth Dudley, Owen Ewart, Tajay Walker, Jamone Shepherd, Rolando Barnett, Yassu Walters, Nicholas Smith

Players departing: Raffique Bryan, Odane Samuels, Malik Samuels

Top players: Oneil Smith, Leon Strickland, Vishunal Harris, Marvin Morgan Jr, Keneil Hyde.

Titles won: 1977-78, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2014-15

Parish: Kingston & St Andrew

Colours: Red and black

Comments: Jerome Waite (head coach) - "Arnett Gardens will start slow this season, the reason being a lot of players have not shown up for regular training. It's not how we start, but how we finish and we will put everything together to ensure Arnett Gardens have another successful season."

Reno FC

When formed: ( )

Position last five seasons: Seventh, 10, N/A, N/A, 10th

Players arriving: None

Players departing: Craig Foster, Codean Smikle

Top Players: Denmark Gillings, Romario Downswell, Rondell Morris, Alburn Facey

Titles won: 1989-90, 1990-91, 1994-95

Parish: Westmoreland

Colours: Blue and white

Comments: Ishmael Paharsingh (vice president) - "We have lost Craig Foster and Codean Smikle to Rivoli, but we have most of the players from last season and we have a few additions. We want to be in the top four and we have the ability with all our young players."

Boys' Town

When Formed: 1940

Position last five seasons: Second, second, fifth, ninth, eighth

Players arriving: Shamar Brown, Adrian King, Mikhail Harrison, Davion Roberts, Simon Young, Amani Mitchell, Kevoy Blackstock

Players Departing: Owen Powell, Nykoli Burke, Jason Jackson, Hugh Evans, Carlloyd Walters

Top players: Michael Campbell, Rafiek Thomas, Shamar Nicholson, Andre Dawson

Titles won: Three

Parish: Kingston & St Andrew

Colours: Red and white

Comments: Andrew Price (head coach) - "We started late and our ground is being rehabilitated. So we will play home games at Barbican. We haven't been really busy in the transfer market. We have a good blend of youth and experience and we should be as competitive as any team."


When Formed: 2009

Position last five seasons: N/A

Players arriving: Anthony Greenland, Stephen Lowe, Jamie Robinson, Raffique Bryan, Daniel Gilzene, Girvan Brown, Patrick Brown

Players departing: None

Top players: Raffique Bryan, Anthony Greenland, Akeem Thenstead

Titles won: 0

Parish: Kingston & St Andrew

Colours: Red

Comments: Gayle (president) - "When you step up to the Premier League, it's a whole different ball game, it's not easy. We are about 70 percent (ready). The aim is to stay in the league and we think we have the players and system in place to at least stay up."

Humble Lion

When Formed: 1974

Position last five seasons: Tenth, fourth, ninth, seventh, runners-up

Players arriving: 0

Players departing: 0

Top players: Devon Hodges, Francois Swaby, Wolry Wolfe, Jermaine Christian.

Titles won: 0

Parish: Clarendon

Colours: Green, Yellow and red

Comments: Dafne Taylor (executive) - "We have more depth in the team than last season, so we are looking good for this season and we are aiming for the top spot."

Tivoli Gardens

When Formed: 1970

Position last five seasons: Champions, fifth, sixth, fifth, sixth

Players arriving: Theo Brown, Dwayne Smith, Nickoy Christian, David Stultz, Romaine Brackenridge, Javanie Mitchell, Damion McNeish

Players departing: Jamie Robinson, Deron Duncan, Junior McGregor, Keammar Daley

Top players: Junior Flemmings, Edsel Scott, Ranike Anderson, Christopher Jackson, Warren Thompson, Jevaughn Jeminson

Titles won: 1983, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2011

Parish: Kingston & St Andrew

Colours: Black and orange

Comments: Edward Seaga (president) - "We have been falling off because we don't have the top level (players) like before. It's hard to find people that are of grade one because you are taking in schoolboys and it (schoolboy football) is different from Premier League. But what we are looking for is a couple good strikers and a left back and with new faces you always get a boost."

Harbour View FC

When Formed: 1974

Position last five seasons: Third, sixth, first, third, fifth

Players arriving: Claudious, Blackburn, Akeem Smith, Devon Haughton, Bryan English, Mark Bryan, Hugh Evans, Jason Jackson, Keammar Daley, Odane Samuels, Keastner Sturridge, Javean Adams, Maleak Thomas, Rasheed Willis, Nicque Daley,Horace Ramsay, Jevaughn Jeminson

Players departing: Damion McNeish, Nicholas Knight, Yassu Walters, Dante Taylor

Top players: Nicholas Beckett, John-Ross Edwards, Kevaughn Frater, Dejani Isaacs, Rosario Harriott

Titles won: (Four) 2000, 2007, 2010, 2012

Parish: Kingston & St Andrew

Colours: Blue and Gold

Comments: Ludlow Bernard, (Head coach) - "The expectations are usually high at Harbour View Football Club. Last year was somewhat out of the norm for us. It's not going be easy because several clubs have made significant improvements and would've added to their core. Humble Lion and Arnett Gardens did well and have added to their core, Tivoli and Cavalier didn't do too well, so we expect them to come good. Our ambition is to finish in the top four and take it from there. The first objective is to get off to a good start, then gradually improve the quality of the team. We're looking forward to a good season."

Cavalier SC

When Formed: 1962

Position last five seasons: N/A, N/A, Eighth, Eighth, Seventh

Players Arriving: Shawn Lawes, Rashaun Patterson, Akeem Christie, Romario Sterling, Owen Powell, Nykoli Burke, Carlloyd Walters, Kaheem Parris, Demale Sinclair, Damian Forbes, Kemali Green, Khalfani Brown, Luis Watson, Trevor Tingling, Richard Davis, Syrene Wilmot, Okeefe Cunningham, Luis Watson, Shemar Powell

Players Departing: Liston James, Claudious Blackburn, Devon Haughton, Javanie Mitchell, Girvan Brown, Davion Roberts, Robert Stewart, Kimani Maxwell, Ato Williams

Top Players: Chevonne Marsh, Jeffrey Grant, Al Nesbeth, Dawayne Smith, Oshane Jenkins, Jason Watson.

Titles won: (one) 1980-81

Parish: Kingston & St Andrew

Colours: Black & White

Comments: Rudolph Speid (Technical director) - "We believe that we've a better team this year than last year, we expect to do much better. The aim is to get into the top four. We believe we have more depth and should do much better, even though we've lost three of our starting players from last season."

Montego Bay United FC

When Formed: 1972 (as Seba United, rebranded 2011)

Position last five reasons: N/A, Seventh, Seventh, First, Second

Players Arriving:

Players Departing: Ricardo Morris

Top Players: Lesly St Fleur, Dino Williams, Allan Ottey, Jermaine Woozencroft

Titles won: 1987, 1997, 2014

Parish: St James

Colours: Green and Blue

Comments: Orville Powell, (Owner) - "Our aim is to get better and better each year. The mistakes we made last year we'll address them and improve on them. We've gotten the prararation in now, we've been preparing way ahead of other clubs. With that preparartion we hope to improve on our standing. We've gotten some youngsters in who we're looking forward to, we know they're capable."

Waterhouse FC

When Formed: 1968 (Harlem Kickers, 1972 (Great West United, 1979 (Waterhouse FC)

Position last five seasons: Fourth, Third, Second, Second, Fourth

Players Arriving: Kemar Beckford, Deron Duncan, Jermaine Henry, Ackeem Anderson, Ronaldo Dixon, Norjae Mowatt, Robert Stewart, Jashmar Benjement, Jamar Wilson, Wasim Smikle, Jahmali White

Players Departing: Owen Walter, Rashaun Patterson, Hasani Barnes

Top Players: Romario Campbell, Evan Taylor, Jermaine 'Tuffy' Anderson, Damarley Samuels, Nicholy Findlayson

Titles won: (Two) 1997, 2006

Parish: Kingston & St Andrew

Colours: Blue & Yellow

Comments: Calvert Fitzgerald, (Head coach) - "It's my first season back with them. We're trying to go all the way. I've inherited a very good team. Anthony Patrick did a very good job and he left a very talented bunch of players. I just have to do my best to see if we can cross that barrier that has been evading us for so long."

Rivoli United FC

When Formed: 1972

Position last five seasons: N/A, N/A, N/A, Sixth, Ninth

Players Arriving: Liston James, Owen Walter, Romario Constant, Kevaughn Russell, Ramaine Linton, Dellon Dixon, Junior McGregor, Chadrick Prawl, Codean Smikle, Alex Gooden, Joel McKenzie

Players Departing: Kemar Beckford, Anthony Greenland, Davion Garrison, Jermaine Henry, Javaughn Cole, Shawn Ferguson, Ja Gordon

Top Players: Cory Burke, Kemar Bennett,

Titles won: None

Parish: St Catherine

Colours: Red & Black

Comments: (head coach, Harold Thomas): "We're hoping for a much better performance from last season. It's a young team, we're trying to get a base. But we're hoping to make a better performance than last season."

Portmore United FC

When Formed: 1973 (as Hazard United, rebranded 2003)

Position last five seasons: Fifth, First, Third, 11th, N/A

Players Arriving: Kambugi McCalla, Sievon Thompson, Andrew Christie, Shaven Sean Paul, Marc-Akeen McLeggon, Tariq Melvin, Saneekie Burton, Ato Williams

Players Departing: Shamar Fraser, Ramone Shepherd, Yanik Williams, Deandre Gray

Top Players: Paul Wilson, Sulae McCalla, Ewan Grandison, Roberto Johnson, Shaven Sean Paul, Ricardo Morris.

Titles won: (Five) 1990 (Hazard), 2003, 2005, 2008, 2012

Parish: St Catherine

Colours: Blue & White

Comments: Clive Marshall, (Manager): "In terms of preparation I think we've done fairly well. I think we're on track, we're not necessarily where we'd want to be because we had an extended season and had to give the players some rest, so we started a little late. We've a fairly balanced team to start the league, we've players with Premier League and national experience. With that experience I expect us to have a fairly good start. The feeling is that we will compete. We're not going in with expectations to win the league, but we'll compete and try our best to amass as many points as possible."