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Powell wants Burrell to deal with issues

Published:Monday | November 9, 2015 | 6:18 PMPaul Clarke


Though failing in his bid to secure enough support that would make him a nominee for the post of president of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), and in the process unseat current president, Captain Horace Burrell, Orville Powell said he is not disappointed, but proud.

"I feel a sense of pride because what I did was justified based on facts. If you remove the personalities involved, you will realise it is nothing personal, but one that's based on raw facts, and we still need to address them," Powell said.

"All I want to do is put out there all the facts. I have put out some, and other stuff said are clearly my opinion, and I will not stop," he noted.

"If Burrell wants me to stop, then the issues raised must be put squarely on the table, itemised and addressed," said the Montego Bay businessman and owner of Montego Bay United Football Club, current leaders of the Red Stripe Premier League.

"I made myself available, and the delegates rejected it. Now they will have to continue dealing with the Captain and his ideas," he said.

lack of support

Powell, who was seeking to remove the long-serving Burrell from the JFF's top job, failed to convince the various parish associations to lend him their support, with only St Ann standing by his side.

The lack of support for Powell leaves Burrell in the position for another four-year term.

All the parishes that make up the Western Confederation (St James, Westmoreland, Trelawny, and Hanover) did not support Powell's bid.

However, he still believes the process needs to change, saying whether or not he is president is irrelevant, "because if Burrell can effect the change, he should do it; and if he can't, then someone must come forward to lead".

strong Desire

for change

Powell is of the view that there is a great urge among football delegates islandwide for change in the JFF leadership.

Why then did their representative parish bodies not support the drive for change?

"Everybody, including the delegates that I have spoken to, want the change, but somehow they do not see me as the man, at this time, to take charge," reasoned Powell.

He said Burrell, with blanket sponsorship of several of the island's parish leagues through his business, The Captain's Bakery, has insulated the JFF President against any realistic challenge. He called the financial backing unethical.

"I am saying this also, that if you refer to the FIFA Code of Ethics, one can draw every interpretation of that fact. We are so guided by FIFA, and my interpretation of his business playing such a role in the football, irrespective of what people may say, is ethically wrong," Powell argued.