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Denbigh celebrate narrow win

Published:Thursday | December 8, 2016 | 3:48 PMRaymond Graham
Denbigh High students celebrate their school's narrow victory in the all island senior netball final at the Leila Robinson netball courts on Wednesday.
Principal of Denbigh High, Janice Julal (right) looks on as members of the Denbigh High senior netball team lift the championship trophy at the Leila Robinson courts on Wednesday. Denbigh clipped Excelsior High 34-33 to win the all island title. The trophy was presented by Angella Chaplain (third from right) chairperson for ISSA's netball committee.

Denbigh High's netballers and their supporters celebrated wildly on the Leila Robinson netball courts on Wednesday after the Janice Walker-Hanson and Christine Bartley-coached team broke a 14-year drought to capture the ISSA all-island senior title ahead of urban champions Excelsior High.

The Denbigh supporters were out in large numbers at the National Stadium complex blowing horns and knocking their pot covers, and when the final whistle came with the rural school securing a narrow one goal win over their rivals, the fans ran out to the middle of the court to hug their heroes.

Among the spectators was principal Janice Julal, clad in her aquamarine and white colours and waving her flag.

"I am really overwhelmed and excited because the girls have really worked hard and they have been in training since summer, giving up a lot of time, and they have made sacrifices for this, and to see them coming out victorious after putting in so much effort it is really a good feeling. I am happy for them and the coaches," the Denbigh principal said.

The game was a real nail-biter. Denbigh held a 27-21 lead at the end of the third quarter, but Excelsior fought back to level the scores at 33-33 with less than a minute to go before the rural girls pulled off their narrow 34-33 win.

Julal said the victory meant a lot to the school.

"This victory is one we are going to be overjoyed with as the school has a history of greatness in netball. Since 2000, we have been doing well, and this is something which means a lot to the school community as we are known as a netball school, and every school needs something that you can excel in, something which can be your niche, and for Denbigh, and the community it's netball, so this is a wonderful victory for us," she said.