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NETBALL: NJ appoints head coach

Published:Wednesday | March 22, 2017 | 8:55 PM

Netball  Jamaica  (NJ) has appointed Jermaine  Allison-McCracken  of England as head coach of the Senior Sunshine Girls.
    In a  release tonight NJ said Allison-McCracken would be in charge for a six-month probation period.
    The new head coach has Jamaican parents and more than 40 years experience in the game as a player and coach.
    According to the release, three persons responded to the newspaper  advertisement  for the position of  head coach and two  were  shortlisted  for  interview.   The  process  included  submission  of  video  footage  of  a coaching  session  conducted  by  each  candidate  and  interview  by  a  four- member  panel. 
   The release continued: "The Board, after deliberating concluded that
both  candidates  had  strengths  and  weaknesses  and  recommended  that  both  work  as  co-coaches  for  a  period  of  4-6  weeks  with  a  view  to  making  a  final  decision  at  the  end  of  that period.  The  candidates were  contacted  and  one  refused  the  offer  while  the  other  accepted.
 "The Board upon further review unanimously instructed the secretariat to offer Allison-McCracken the position with a six months period of probation."
   Coach  Allison-McCracken  holds  a  UK  Level  2
coaching  certificate. She  has  over  40  years  experience  as  a  player,  including  playing  goal shooter for England Juniors, Yorkshire and  Humberside  Regional Squad, Berkshire County and Oxfordshire County before moving to Scotland.