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Records tumble at Vernamfield

Published:Monday | July 24, 2017 | 12:00 AMNeville Graham
Shaw posing with his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

Records fell amid brutal performance at NDRC Full Throttle 3 at Vernamfield, Clarendon, on Sunday. Star of the day Neville 'Chuku' Hogg, in his beastly Toyota Supra, smashed his own record twice doing 8.657 and then 8.619 over the quarter mile, pocketing $50,000 in addition to second-place prize money. He was still second best in a stirring contest with big bad Dean Shaw in his 1969 Camaro. The Chevy guzzled four and a half gallons of pure methanol, covering the quarter mile in 8.133 seconds.

Meanwhile, Troy Wilson collected $10,000 for piloting his Toyota Starlet to a perfect 13.000 seconds. Denniston Graham was not as lucky as his midget three cylinders Daihatsu Mira did a giant killing 14.999 seconds breaking out of his class.

A fair-sized crowd watched 147 cars blaze the track. NDRC official Stephen Gunter is already planning for the next meet on October 29 2017.


NDRC Full Throttle 3 in association with AMSOIL & HAWKEYE

Vernamfield 23/7/2017 - OFFICIAL RESULTS


Street 16

Winner: Ricardo Campbell, 16.121 at 65.65mph, Toyota Tacoma

Runner-Up: Oshane Kerr, 18.532 at 51.81mph, Nissan Sunny

Super Street 15

Winner: Matthew Rodriguez, 25.533 at 27.42mph, Subaru Legacy

Runner-Up: Nicholas Smith, 17.678 at 44.04mph VW

Super Street 14

Winner: Marvin Irons, 13.965 at 94.22mph, Nissan

Runner-Up: Vaughn Brown, 13.901 at 84.84mph, Honda Civic (Breakout)

Kuhmo Tires 13

Winner: Damian Scott, 13.866 at 61.32mph, FIAT Uno

Runner-Up: Dalton Anderson, 00.000 at 00.00mph, Honda (Redlight)

Pro Street 12

Winner: Rayan Reid, 12.058 at 120.44mph, Honda Civic

Runner-Up: Overton Grant, 12.326 at 117.18mph, Honda Civic

Pro Modified 11

Winner: Delano Fraser, 11.595 at 103.44mph, Honda Civic

Runner-Up: Oliver Villiers, 0.000 at 00.00mph, Honda Integra (Redlight)

Pro Modified 10

Winner: Eugene Grandison, 10.476 at 126.90mph, Honda Civic

Runner-Up: Herbie Edwards, 11.689 at 124.10mph, Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

Pro Race 9

Winner: Omar Evering, 9.628 at 152.74mph, Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

Runner-Up: Adrian Randle, 10.093 at 112.55, Toyota Supra

Pro Race 8

Winner: Dean Shaw, 8.133 at 166.29mph, Chevrolet Camaro (new personal best for V8 door slammer)

Runner-Up: Neville Hogg, 8.619 at 167.78mph, Toyota Supra