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London 2017 | Building process for Dacres

Published:Saturday | August 5, 2017 | 12:00 AMAndre Lowe
Fedrick Dacres took fourth in the men's discus final with 65.83 metres.


Despite his fourth place finish in the men's discus final at the IAAF World Championships in London, Jamaica's leading thrower Fedrick Dacres is not clinging to too much disappointment, looking instead at a half full glass.

Dacres' personal and season's best mark of 68.88m had him as the second best thrower heading into the championships, but the 23 year-old could not replicate his form on the circuit, as he struggled to get his usual purchase on the disc, during an interesting final inside the London Stadium.

In the end, the Jamaican's best distance on the day - 65.83m, left him short of a podium position with Lithuania's Andrius Gudzius, 69.21m (PB); Daniel Stahl (Sweden), 69.19m and USA's Mason Finley, who posted a personal best 68.03m, taking the top three positions.

"I can't say I am disappointed, I just never got a good pull, I didn't really feel any of my throws. I have improved from the previous time. The last time at a World Championships I came seventh and now I am fourth and last year I didn't make the final," Dacres reasoned. "I am improving and I am thankful for that, so I am not trying to make any excuses but I think I am building on what I have and hopefully I will continue to do better.

"Today I was fluent in the ring but I didn't feel the pull on the disc and the one time I felt the disc pull in my hand, it went in the cage, he said in reference to his third attempt. "I am a bit disappointed, because based on that throw, I thought I would have been up there, but it just didn't happen."

Dacres' teammate Traves Smikle finished in eight place with a mark of 63.64m.

"It's a building process for me and I want to get better. It's not about what you did before, it's about what you can do on the day and I am yet to be an on-the-day man but I am thankful for the experience and will try to do better," added Dacres.

"Coming into the World Championships I was a bit thrown off because I was abroad. When I came back I missed a few training sessions and that kind of threw off my technique. When we were in Birmingham we were actually trying to rebuild on what I had, but it's one of those things."

Dacres will now turn his attention to the rest of the Diamond League season where he is still in the hunt for the Diamond Race title in the event as well as the World University Games.