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Register your trademarks!

Published:Tuesday | September 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMDania Bogle
Minister of Sport Olivia Grange (left) making a point to Jamaica Olympic Association President Christopher Samuda at the Inter-Regional Conference on the Strategic Use of Intellectual Property in Sport at the Jamaica Conference Centre yesterday.

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) is moving to encourage local sporting associations to register their trademarks as a way to enhance their brand and better market themselves to earn more.

This was revealed by JOA president Christopher Samuda on yesterday's first day of the two-day Inter-Regional Conference on the Strategic Use of Intellectual Property in Sport at the Jamaica Conference Centre.

Samuda told The Gleaner that having a properly registered mark or logo was integral to sports associations' brand management and brand enhancement, and as such, the JOA had written to the local sporting associations to discover if their trademarks and logos had been registered.

"What we at the JOA will be doing is to facilitate them by registering their trademarks and logos at the Companies Office, and then what we will be doing thereafter is to work with them in symposia to develop their brand-enhancement strategies to ensure that they optimise the value of their brand," he said.




All of this is with a view for the 40 or so Jamaican sporting associations to boost their coffers.

"What is essential is that you have to create value in your brand before you can even monetise it. We will be concentrating on associations, how best that we can create value, monetise the brand, and ensure that it creates a viable income source ... because we know that the cost of sport is phenomenal nowadays and associations have to ensure that they have an independent stream of income which is sustainable," Samuda concluded.

The conference, which is being organised in conjunction with the World Intellectual Property Office, Jamaica Intellectual Property Office, and the Ministry of Culture, Gender Affairs, Entertainment, and Sport yesterday looked at such topics as examining the role of intellectual property in supporting sports tourism and the importance of intellectual property to the sporting industry.

Minister of Sport Olivia Grange, who was the keynote speaker, focused on the success story of the Jamaica brand and suggested marketing the country as a sporting destination to help leverage its brand. She reiterated that a study published almost a decade ago had shown that sport contributed two per cent of gross domestic product. This was before the success of Jamaican athletics at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the rise of Usain Bolt.

Grange pointed out that Jamaica had not done enough to find ways to maximise on the success.

"Now we are being guided by the National Sport Policy, which promotes the integration of sport in the national economy with the creation of globally competitive products and services and the enhanced earnings of our athlete's associated industries," she said.

The conference continues today at 9 a.m. with sessions looking at the protection of copyright on the Internet; broadcasting and media rights and sports, and the use of athletes as brand ambassadors.