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Laurie Foster | ‘Stick around, Chris, we want a little more’

Published:Wednesday | March 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM
West Indies opener Chris Gayle.

The West Indies captain, Jason Holder, and his troops have registered a most emphatic victory against the high-riding Englishmen. It came in the final one-day international (ODI) facing the team which is ranked at the top of that pack and overwhelming favourites to take the ICC World Cup at home in the summer. Set 114 runs to win after Oshane Thomas, Carlos Brathwaite and Holder himself had ripped out the underbelly of the Englishmen, former captain Chris Gayle completed the demolition job with a 77-run assault from 27 balls constructed almost entirely with boundaries, 5x4 and 9x 6.

As a result of the tremendous success (424 runs, 2x100s, 2x50s) which the Universe Boss has seen throughout this last ODI series, his thoughts, as since reported, seem to be pointing in a new direction. This was supposed to be his final foray in the arena in which he gained for himself a reputation as an agent of destruction when facing the best bowlers the world had to offer. As the saying goes, he is ‘feeling his oats’ again and has hinted that he just might go on for a while longer, earlier sentiments of ending it all in the country of his birth once more being ventilated.


On the question as to whether the exciting batsman should exit the scene having set so many records for others to emulate, Foster’s Fairplay is highly alert to the often-expressed belief that “It is better to go when all are saying why, than to wait until the shouts turn to why not.” However, at the same time, with Gayle having taken leave from international cricket for some time but continuing to sharpen his skills in franchise cricket, one can be assured that the adoring public would like to experience somewhat more of his undoubted greatness. Another pleasing factor from which much satisfaction should be taken is a new discipline in his approach to accumulating runs, as he sets the stage for match-winning innings.

This was evident in the first ODI and it has increased public confidence in his ability to go the distance. The thrills experienced from witnessing or even listening to his performances in the past two weeks are not easy to find, and so it is only natural to request a few more helpings of his devastating form. Added to that is the feeling that the fans yearn to see Gayle in further pursuit of his skills for Jamaica and the West Indies. With all that in mind, Foster’s Fairplay contributes to the shout of “Stick around, Chris, we want a little more.”


It is with a feeling of deep loss and extreme sadness that the passing of a dear friend and fellow sports enthusiast, Tony Becca, is recorded. We shared the counsel and advice of another sporting icon, the late Sydney ‘Foggy’ Burrowes, in whose company we revelled during our schooldays.

It was a learning experience that taught us so much about the joys of the game to which we were later to become an attachment. Tony, you were so steeped in humility and showed so much respect for others that you managed to positively shape the lives of so many who admired your work and were blessed by your insight and intellect which were on display throughout so many years. Walk good, my dear friend. The memories linger on.

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