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MRI to determine McCoy’s fate

Published:Monday | June 3, 2019 | 12:27 AM

LYON, France:

While the spirits remain high among the Reggae Girlz, who are now on a five-day camp here ahead of their opening FIFA Women’s World Cup encounter against Brazil on Sunday, there is concern about one of the players.

Forward Kayla McCoy replaced the then injured Khadija Shaw, only to go down a few minutes later and be herself replaced in the country’s final warm-up game against Scotland on Tuesday. She will have her Women’s World Cup involvement determined by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) later today. McCoy was drafted 13th overall by the Houston Dash in the Women’s Soccer League in the United States after her outstanding season, in which she led Duke University with 12 goals, scoring in all but six of their games. She was expected to be a valuable contributor to the history-making Reggae Girlz team.

“The doctor came and did an assessment and found out that it was just a strain, and obviously, she is a professional player, so we want to make sure that nothing is going on with the knee,” head coach Hue Menzies explained.


“We need to get a better evaluation done to see what the time frame is for her recovery. This will give us an idea of whether we will be able to have her back during the tournament. If we are not, then we have to look for a replacement.”

Despite her injury, McCoy has remained positive and continues to work hard.

“Other than the injury, she is doing well,” Menzies said. “We have what we call a readiness report, and she puts herself in green all the time. It is just her character. She just wants to be out there training, and she is out there doing what she can, and obviously, everything is modified for her, and she is putting in the effort just like everybody else.

“Her attitude and character are important to the team, her qualities are needed, but we just have to wait for the report.”

The wellness report, Menzies explained, is utilised by fitness coach Wil Hitzelburger to assess the Girlz’s psychological and physical state and informs how the staff operates with each player.

“What it (the report) requires is that the girls fill out a from each morning when they wake up, and that gives us an understanding of their sleeping pattern for the night, mood swings, if they have any injuries or any stains, so it gives us a good synopsis of where they are for that day, and it helps us in how we treat that player. It helps us psychologically and physically,” Menzies said.

Green, Menzies said, is a positive sign, while red is negative.

“There is a percentage that puts you in certain areas,” he said. “Each category has a weighted percentage that he (Hitzelburger) has created, and then [it’s] based on how they respond from one to five, with one being the worst and five being the best. If they fall into certain percentages, then that determines how we manage that player.”