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Mixed feelings about incoming netball president

Published:Monday | August 5, 2019 | 12:00 AMLivingston Scott/Gleaner Writer

Experienced netball personalities Sylvester Campbell and Patrick Brissett have both questioned the experience of Netball Jamaica (NJ) President-designate Tricia Robinson, and are in ‘wait and see’ mode ahead of her expected ascension to the top netball post in the country.

Robinson is tipped to take charge at the local netball authority, when current President Paula Daley-Morris demits office this November. Robinson, the current Business House Netball Association (BHNA) president, is one of four board members who qualify for the presidency, with the others being Wayne Shaw, Janet Johnson, and Leonni Phinn. However, the other three have indicated they have no interest in the post, leaving Robinson as the clear front-runner to assume the presidency.

Former Sunshine Girls selector and veteran administrator Brissett said he could not offer much about the administrator and will have to wait to see what she brings to the table.

“I don’t know her from the point of view that is she an experienced netball administrator. I was shocked when I heard this lady’s name and when I investigated, I learnt she’s from JPS. I talked to her, but know anything about her administrative abilities. Business House is different from (Netball Jamaica), so I couldn’t offer a comment on her ability, I haven’t really interacted with her as such,” he added.

“But everybody carries something to the table and business house always have a reasonably competent president, like Molly Rhone, Avril Crawford and Marva Bernard, who was Business House treasurer. But Business House (League) runs different from the national association. She is young and maybe that’s what they (NJ) need, more young people, because young people have a lot to offer,” Brissett added.

Natural choice

Although Campbell believes she is a natural choice, he would have preferred to see candidates contesting the polls for the position.

“I know her, but I have never worked with her to comment on her. It is almost like a self-made type of thing, something that happens in every sporting discipline where you have rules that states this and that. Maybe she is ready and she is maybe the best person. But I cannot speak on her leadership, I don’t know her in that respect,” Campbell said.

Of the four who qualify, Campbell, thinks Johnson has the most to offer the position.

“I don’t think Wayne (Shaw) has that interest to lead netball. Janet (Johnson) is very competent, but I don’t think she wants to do this at this time in her life, but she is probably the most experienced of them. Leonni (Phinn) is pretty new. I have worked with her at NCB and she is a good manager, but being a good president is a different thing. So yes, I would have to wait and see,” added Campbell, a former international netball umpire and highly respected coach.

Meanwhile, Shaw, while admitting that Robinson would have to learn on the job, pointed to her experience in netball administration.

“She is the president of Business House Netball, she has been running it for over five years, she manages JPS netball team. Business House Netball has been running successfully for many years, so who must get the credit for that?” Shaw said.

“She has been in netball for 20-odd years, she has been a director for two years, she is very competent organisational-wise. She will be learning on the job, but I think she will do a good job. She is the only person who will run as president, so she will be the president. She will do a good job as long as she gets the support from the directors and the club administrators,” added Shaw.