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CWI presidential election, AGM postponed

Published:Sunday | March 28, 2021 | 2:36 PMLennox Aldred/Gleaner Writer -

Cricket West Indies’ presidential election has not place as the body’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was set for Sunday has been postponed until April 11.

The Gleaner understands that the shareholder representatives from the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) and the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) did not show up to participate.

It has also been revealed that of the 12 shareholders, only eight were available for the AGM which was to be held virtually.

The postponement of the AGM was evident, as the constitution requires nine members present for a quorum.

It is further alleged that the BCA and GCB representatives are angry at the first option of voting, which requires delegates to show of hands.

It is also said that the BCA and GCB officials are livid at the timing of the presentation of the consolidated financial statement.

The latest scenario has forced an emergency meeting of CWI’s board of directors.

CWI’s incumbent Ricky Skerritt is being challenged by GCB’s Secretary Anand Sanasie.


AGM Timelines:

Thursday January 28 - CWI Board of Directors approve March 21st, 2021 for 22nd AGM of CWI.
Friday January 29 - Notice of AGM sent by Corporate Secretary to all Full Members.
Friday January 29 - Memo of Invitation to Submit Nomination for President and Vice President sent by Corporate Secretary.
Monday February 15 - CWI Board of Directors approve March 28, 2021 as date for 22nd Annual General Meeting of CWI via virtual means due to travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19 pandemic.
Thursday February 18 - Deadline for receipt of Presidential and Vice Presidential nominations.
Wednesday February 17 – Nominations received from BCA, GCB, Leeward Islands Cricket Board and Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board for President and Vice President.
Friday March 5 - Updated Notice of Meeting and Agenda to Full Members and Special Members sent.
Friday March 5 - Instruments of Appointment to Attend distributed. Memo of invitation and forms to submit nominations for Member Directors sent.
Tuesday March 9 – Joint meeting of CWI Audit Risk & Compliance and Finance Committees, to consider and approve accounts.
Thursday March 11 – CWI Board of Directors Meeting to consider and approve accounts
Saturday March 13 – Draft CWI financial statements sent to all Members, having been approved by Audit Risk & Compliance and Finance Committees and CWI Board of Directors
Friday March 19 - Instruments of Appointment to Attend received from all Members.
Friday March 26 – Complete set of documents, including final audited consolidated financial statements including Coolidge Cricket Ground Inc, sent to all Members.
Saturday March 27 – All Full Member Representatives confirm receipt of AGM documents and confirm their attendance.
Sunday March 28 – Following the roll call, the AGM was adjourned as there was a lack of quorum (9 representatives necessary for a quorum).