Sat | Jul 24, 2021

#Champs2021 | Schedule - Friday

Published:Friday | May 14, 2021 | 1:44 PM

It's the penultimate day of the 2021 Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships.

Eleven finals are slated for today.

Here is the full schedule:

Morning Session
9:00AM Triple Jump Class 2 Boys Final
9:00AM 100M Hurdles Hep Girls Event #1
9:20M 400M Class 3 Girls Semi-Final
9:30AM 400M Class 3 Boys Semi-Final
9:30m High Jump Class 4 Girls Final
9:40AM 400M Class 2 Girls Semi-Final
9:50AM 400M Class 2 Boys Semi-Final
9:50AM Shot Put Class 1 Boys Final
10:00AM 400M Class 1 Girls Semi-Final
10:10AM 400M Class 1 Boys Semi-Final
10:20AM 800M Class 3 Girls Semi-Final
10:30AM 800M Class 3 Boys Semi-Final
10:40AM 800M Class 2 Girls Semi-Final
10:50AM 800M Class 2 Boys Semi-Final
11:00AM 800M Class 1 Girls Semi-Final
11:00AM High Jump Hep Open Girls Event # 2
11:10AM 800M Class 1 Boys Semi-Final
11:20AM Pole Vault Open Boys Final
11:30AM Triple Jump Open Girls Final

Afternoon Session
1:00PM Discus Class 1 Girls Final
1:00PM Long Jump Class 3 Boys Final
1:00PM Shot Put Hep Open Girls Event # 3
3:00PM Triple Jump Class 1 Boys Final
3:00PM 200M Hep Open Girls Event # 4
3:10PM 200M Class 4 Girls Semi-Final
3:20PM 200M Class 3 Girls Semi-Final
3:30PM 200M Class 3 Boys Semi-Final
3:40PM 200M Class 2 Girls Semi-Final
3:50PM 200M Class 2 Boys Semi-Final
4:00PM 200M Class 1 Girls Semi-Final
4:10PM 200M Class 1 Boys Semi-Final
4:25PM 400M Hurdles Open Girls Final
4:40PM 400M Hurdles Class 2 Boys Final
4:55PM 400M Hurdles Class 1 Boys Final

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