Sun | Oct 2, 2022

Fitter Super Six expected for Pan Am Shooting Champs

Published:Thursday | August 18, 2022 | 12:12 AM
Super Six captain Shay Francis.
Super Six captain Shay Francis.

AS PART of their sponsorship of the Super Six Shooters, Spectrum Systems has acquired the services of Elite Fitness to condition the team for the Pan Am Handgun Championships, which get under way in just about a month’s time.

Elite Fitness is led by founder and managing director Shantol Kong, who has over 30 years of experience in the fitness world.

With Keith Spence, Tareeq Blackwood, and Shalto Stanley, she has some of the most versatile local personal fitness trainers, whose knowledge spans across multiple disciplines, at her disposal.

According to Kong, while the time might seem short to work on the fitness of the ladies, she is highly confident they will get to the point where fitness will not be a problem for them at the championships.

“Our team is very experienced. The personal trainers know the field, and they also come with areas of focus and specialised responsibilities. The girls all do practical pistol shooting, and that takes a level of fitness to at least be competitive. The willingness of these shooters to work with the programme we have shows they will attain the level of fitness we set,” said Kong.

Kong, who is qualified in 16 disciplines, is very excited to be working with the elite all-female shooting team.

“So far what we are seeing from them denotes the type of mastery, hard work, and dedication it takes to get them where they are in their sport,” said Kong.

Super Six member Shay Francis is delighted to have this level of expertise on board.

“As an athlete, it is a pleasure to be exposed to a programme that not only covers fitness, but nutrition as well. We are working hard with these personal trainers, and I am sure all targets will be met,” Francis said.


According to Francis, the sport of shooting is now going to a new level and she is happy to be among the pioneers.

Andrew Stanigar, Spectrum Systems’ CEO, also announced that at the company’s Port Spectrum Headquarters, a gym is being refurbished and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment exclusively for team Super Six

Meanwhile, renowned shooting coach and Master Class shooter Andy “Wasp” Yap has joined the coaching staff in a move aimed at bolstering preparation for the Pan Am Handgun Championships.

Yap, who is regarded as one of the best tactical and speed coaches locally, brings to the team a wealth of experience.

He, along with Anthony TJ Johnson, will work towards bringing the ladies to the highest point of readiness for the competition.

“I am happy to be sharing my knowledge with these ladies. Their eagerness to learn is unbelievable, and as team, we will do all we can to help achieve maximum performance,” said Yap.

In welcoming Yap, Robin Rickhi, who leads the management team, said Super Six is fortunate to have the two best shooting coaches locally at their disposal.

“This move clearly shows [that] the ladies are not going to Pan Am just to participate, but to compete,” said Rickhi.