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Published:Friday | July 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Cleve Bailey
Michelle Johnson
Orlando Mitchell
Alecia Lewis

Having benefited from assistance provided by the charitable organisation Food For The Poor Jamaica, what is your

testimonial in regards to the organisation and its mandate

to help the less fortunate?

I am grateful to Food For The Poor for their assistance in setting up my poultry business. It is now for me to make use of this opportunity and grow my business. I will be eternally grateful to this wonderful organisation.

- Alecia Lewis


There is absolutely no doubt that Food For The Poor Jamaica has made an impact on the lives of the less fortunate in Jamaica. The kind of start they provide the needy with can be life changing, if utilised effectively.

- Orlando Mitchell


I am really happy for the help I have received from Food For The Poor. It has changed my life significantly. I am now seeking to expand my business in order to capitalise on an increase in the orders I have been getting from customers.

- Michelle Johnson


The Food For The Poor representatives are down-to-earth and real. They don't behave as if the beneficiaries are strangers. They walk them through the process patiently to ensure they understand. It is a very good organisation.

- Cleve Bailey