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Published:Friday | July 31, 2015 | 11:37 AM
Craig Oates
Tracey Dawkins
Pamella Ferguson
Larry Simpson
Rayven Amani

After two major fires and the concerns that the facility is a fire hazard, do you support the view that the Old Shoe Market in downtown Montego Bay should

be relocated and the area

redeveloped for other purposes?

If they are going to rebuild the facility and put in proper shops with electricity, water and sanitary conveniences and train the vendors in good customer relations skills, I would support it staying there. However, if they are going to leave it as it is, I would say no way, I could not support it staying there.

- Craig Oates (security expert)

In its current situation, I would have to say yes to relocation, It surely cannot be comfortable for shop owners or customers to feel like there can be a fire at any time. Who knows, the next fire could result in persons being killed.

- Raven Amani (singer/songwriter)

I have travelled to a number of cities around the world and there are provisions for small business owners to ply their trade. I am in support of modernisation, but it must be with the intention of continuation. The poor people of Montego Bay deserve a place to do legitimate business.

- Larry Simpson (educator)

I am all for relocating it and putting something that is more befitting for the heart of the city's business district there. Within recent times, the Old Shoe Market has been getting a bad rap in terms of catering to criminal activities. In addition, it is old and run down and the shops are unsightly.

- Pamella Ferguson (former nurse)

The entire Montego Bay is a fire hazard ... the city was not built properly. Unlike most major cities, where they are constantly upgrading and rebuilding, nothing has been rebuilt in MoBay for a very long time. As a result, everything is a fire hazard. The whole town needs to be demolished, rewired and rebuilt.

- Tracey Dawkins (international

fashion model)