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Published:Friday | August 14, 2015 | 11:03 AM
Veneisha Cookhorn
Marline Brown
Brian Elliott
Dennis Meadows

Based on the significant investment that went into the construction of the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium; and the subsequent limited use of the facility, especially for sports, would you consider this stadium a white elephant?

"Of course, it is a white elephant ... we are short of good sporting facility in this parish and yet we have this beautiful facility not being used, simply because we cannot afford to use it. There was a time when we were allowed to use it, but the section that was offered to us was far from ideal.

- Marline Brown, vice-president Trelawny FA

"I live in Trelawny and except for the Jehovah Witness Convention and the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival, I know of no other events that are being kept in this stadium. Since it was built for sports and no sporting events are taking place there, I would have to agree with the view that it is a white elephant.

- Veneisha Cookhorn, Business Development & Marketing Executive

The decision to build the stadium in Trelawny was motivated by political expediency. Nonetheless, successive governments have failed to exploit its value for sports tourism in terms of marketing it to international sport teams. It's now a burden to taxpayers. It is indeed a white elephant.

- Dennis Meadows, the co-convenor of CAPI

I told them it would be a white elephant before it was built. I summarised all the parameters and told them. They told me then that I was against progress and now it is there for all to see. It was a white elephant even before it was built.

- Brian Elliott, Publisher Falmouth News (Online)