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Books galore for Clifton Primary School

Published:Friday | October 2, 2015 | 10:51 AM

The Clifton Primary School in Hanover recently opened its new library, which was established with funds raised by United States-based non-profit organisation Reading Owls International.

Reading Owls retrofitted one of the classrooms and equipped the library with desks, chairs, shelving computers, and a wireless printer. The organisation also donated more than 1,700 books to the library and an additional 1,000 books to the adjoining Clifton Infant School.

In his address at the handingover ceremony, Reading Owls board adviser Dr Earl Green urged parents to ensure that their children are given time to undertake reading for leisure. He also encouraged the wider Clifton community to partner with the school to volunteer to restock the library's shelves and perform other duties.

"This library is lending, so kids will have full access to the books in the library. We would like to know that parents recognise the importance of aiding in the development of the library," said Green. "So we are appealing to persons, if you have means of getting books, to consult with the school to find out how you could participate in improving on what we now have because this is only the start.

"We would also like to implore parents to assist their children in reading, and to give them the time to read because oftentimes, that is not allowed - not directly, but because children have so many chores to do, that they get no time to read," continued Green. "And I am saying, from a Reading Owls perspective, we want to impress upon you to allow the children to read. It is a community initiative, so we want to call on the community to ensure the library grows from strength to strength."

Patrice Campbell, Clifton Primary School principal, said the library would help the children to become more avid readers and would enhance the community.

"Today marks the beginning of a new experience for our students, parents, and teachers. Through joint partnership with Reading Owls International, Clifton, as well as other neighbouring communities, can utilise a variety of reading material," said Campbell. "In addition, they will be provided with computers to do research, access email, and other constructive activities.

Reading Owls was founded by Easton and Elaine Dickson, who have their roots in the Clifton community.