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Vox pop for Western Focus

Published:Friday | October 9, 2015 | 7:40 PM
Charles Sinclair
Edmund Bartlett
Wykeham McNeil
Jason Henzell

Since the advent of the all-inclusive hotel concept in Jamaica, many persons have been expressing a preference for the EP (European plan) hotel, which stakeholders believe would be ideal for Montego Bay 'Hip Strip.' Here are some of the voices from The Gleaner archives.

Charles Sinclair - Former Montego Bay Mayor - (2015)

The EP hotels are what it is needed on the 'Hip Strip' because it will bring out the visitors and create business opportunities for local businesses. I am all for it . It is a condominium-style sleep at the property but go out for meals and entertainment. That is what will help the local economy to grow. I am all for it.

Jason Henzell - Hotelier (2010)

I have a tremendous respect for those who operate them (all-inclusive hotels). I'm not saying, or expecting, the all-inclusive should change their concept but for future hotels, I think that the all-inclusive model is not the one we should pursue for Jamaica.

Dr Wykeham McNeill- Tourism Minister (2014)

It (the all-inclusive concept) is the model that is working. But it allows for great opportunities, because there are those in the industry that want European Plan (EP) hotels. As the all-inclusive sector grows, it puts pressure and demands for investments in the EP sector. I expect that the EP investments will come in time, but it's the market forces that will determine that.

Edmund Bartlett - former minister of tourism (2014)

If you check the hotel occupancy in Montego Bay, it is still doing a lot better than the other resort areas. The only problem is the all-inclusive concept and, as a result, you are not seeing a lot of the guests in our streets. However, I don't think the present all-inclusive operators will change their concept so Government needs to offer some incentives for investors to build some European Plan (EP) resorts.