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Published:Friday | October 23, 2015 | 3:07 PM
Gavin Edmond
Marsha Beckford
Winston Campbell
Livingston Brown

In light of the major developments earmarked for Montego Bay, to include the US$425 million Montego Bay Action Plan, do you believe the city is now ready to realise its fullest economic potential?

Marsha Beckford-Sales Representative

I think so ... in fact, I really like what I am hearing. With all these major plans for development, it means more job opportunities will become available for the people. In addition, I believe the time has come to show that there is much more to Montego Bay than just lottery scamming.

Winston Campbell-Security Expert

Montego Bay is definitely ready, and not only because of the new developments. The citizens are now supporting the efforts of the parish council and the chamber of commerce because they realise that, if these organisations fail, we will all fail. This type of attitude will encourage investment, and that is what the city needs to become strong economically.

Livingston Brown-Telecommunication consultant

I believe the potential now exists for Montego Bay to finally become a great city. With all these multimillion investments, the overall situation looks very good to me. I am just hoping that our leaders will do what is required to fully capitalise on these investments.

Gavin Edmond-Educator

Yes ... definitely yes ... Montego Bay is ready. However, we need to put in some social intervention programmes to fix some of the existing problems. I believe we have the infrastructure in place, we just need to have the parish council, the chamber of commerce and the other stakeholders working together ... we could even surpass Kingston.