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Published:Thursday | November 5, 2015 | 3:39 PM
Education Minister Ronald Thwaites
Raymond Pryce, North East St Elizabeth Member of Parliament
Phillip Paulwell - Minister of Science, Technology and Energy
Delano Seivwright
U.S. President Barack Obama

Since small quantities of ganja were decriminalised in Jamaica in April 2015, many influential persons have made profound statements relating to the use of the once 'forbidden herb'. Here are a some notable quotes from the Gleaner archives.

Phillip Paulwell -

minister of science,

technology, energy

and mining

"... Even if you were to plant out every square inch of this country in ganja, the market for medicinal ganja is so big we could not fulfil that market."

Ronald Thwaites -

minister of education

"I got reports from two principals today of students feeling that ganja is now free and that they can now smoke it, and in one case, he [a principal] had to take more than one student to a nearby hospital for symptoms of psychosis.

Raymond Pryce -

MP for North East

St Elizabeth

"It is perhaps the most significant development in the Jamaican Parliament since the repeal of the Bastardy Act and the promulgation of the Status of the Children Act, as it removes the 'access denied' invisible walls that subjected many Jamaicans to risk and vulnerability."

Delano Seiveright

"In the end, while we can't please everyone, this recent development represents a big step forward ... especially from a human rights, criminal justice, medical and scientific research standpoint."

Barack Obama -

US president

"The so-called war on drugs has been so heavy in emphasising incarceration that it has been counterproductive. You have young people, who did not engage in violence, who get very long penalties and are placed in prison and then are rendered economically unemployable ... ."