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Published:Thursday | April 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Colin Johnson
Obrian Campbell
Haile Mika'el
Craig Oates

Based on the impact it is having on the educational sector, what do you think the Government should do to stem Jamaica's rural-urban drift?


Colin Johnson, farmer:

"The Government should provide employment opportunities for rural people by looking for crops that they can produce in abundance. They should also find markets and then build cottage industries accordingly. They should also provide transportation for crops or establish central collection or packaging plants."

Obrian Campbell, bartender:

"Rural communities need proper roads, water, and electricity because these are the main reasons people leave. Taxis don't run on bad roads, so people have transportation problems getting to work, so they leave."

Haile Mika'el, social activist:

"They need to reverse the situation. The rural young will stay if they can obtain rural housing and if agriculture is viable. The tourism industry is a huge market for our produce. We should not be importing food."

Craig Oates, businessman:

"Rural renewal is key. Fix the road; make sure there is light and water. Create employment opportunities. If people don't have an incentive to stay in these rural communities, they will move away to better themselves."