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Vox pop

Published:Thursday | September 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Victor Wright, North Trelawny MP
Dennis Meadows - JLP caretaker for North Trelawny
Paul Muschette - Custos of Trelawny
Jonathan Bartley

Since the Falmouth cruise ship pier came into being in 2011, there have been differing views on the impact it has had on Falmouth and the wider Trelawny. Here are some of the various views from The Gleaner archives:

"I feel a part of this (lack of benefits to Falmouth) is that the developers got away with just building a pier in isolation, without [it] being part of an overall, comprehensive plan. We have to incorporate the citizenry. I don't think they feel part of the ownership of the pier."

- Victor Wright, member of parliament, North Trelawny (2016)


"We badly need to develop a marquee attraction ... . For example, when you speak of St Ann, you speak of a Dunn's River Falls. We here in Falmouth have the resources and the land ... . We want an attraction that when cruise ship passengers come off the ships, they will want to come into the town."

- Dennis Meadows, JLP caretaker, North Trelawny (2016)


"At last, Trelawny is being recognised once again for its great potential. The port development in Falmouth, hotel development at Harmony Hall and the housing developments now taking place on the northern section of the parish are all manifestations of the potential seen by investors as opportunities to be taken at this time,"

- Paul Muschett, custos of Trelawny (2010)


"My dream has come true; I am so happy. In 2003 when I became mayor, I always said that Falmouth once had five harbours, and I always believe that one should be reopened to capitalise on the cruise market because Falmouth has a lot of history that can put Trelawny on the world market. I always lobby for that, so I am so proud today."

- Jonathan Bartley, former mayor of Falmouth (2011)