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Vox pop | How important is sports to your community?

Published:Monday | March 13, 2017 | 12:00 AMClaudia Gardner
Colin Johnson
Angela Haye
Adrian Parkinson
Lynford 'Marisko' McIntosh

Collin Johnson, farmer:

"It is important because young people need meet and socialise and learn how to agree to disagree, and from there conflict resolution skills can be built."

Adrian Parkinson, tour operator:

"Very important. It helps to develop young minds and to keep them away from trouble and show them how to relate to their peers."

Angela Haye, educator:

"It is a tool that helps to build team work and understanding. It should be used by the politicians as a means of community development."

Lynford McIntosh, musician:

"I don't like sports but I think it is helps to keep young people active. They seem more friendlier when they are on the field playing football for example. I don't think it plays a big role in development though."