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Islands prepare for weakening Hurricane Danny

Published:Saturday | August 22, 2015 | 12:25 PM


A weakening Hurricane Danny approached Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands yesterday, but was expected to bring little relief to residents of the drought-stricken northern Caribbean.

The Category 1 hurricane was located approximately 600 miles (1,060 kilometres) east of the Leeward Islands late yesterday morning with the United States National Hurricane Center in Miami saying it expects Danny would become a tropical storm sometime today.


Danny is expected to pass over Antigua and Barbuda early tomorrow and reach the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico early Tuesday.

Meteorologists said it was too early to predict how much rainfall Danny would generate over Puerto Rico, which has implemented extreme water-rationing measures since May as it struggles with one of the worst droughts in its history.

"This storm has created a lot of expectations," said Carlos Anselmi with the National Weather Service in San Juan. "But we cannot talk about how much rainfall is expected because the storm is quite small. There's a lot of uncertainty still."

Danny had been expected to hit Puerto Rico's southeast coast, but forecasters said the storm instead was likely to glance the island's northeast region and drop the heaviest rains over open waters north of the US territory.