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More Cuban migrants still risking sea crossings

Published:Wednesday | September 9, 2015 | 9:48 AM


The number of Cuban migrants risking sea crossings to US soil has surpassed last year's tally, even as Havana and Washington have restored diplomatic relations.

Coast Guard officials in Miami said on Tuesday that roughly 3,910 Cubans have been caught or intercepted in the Florida Straits, the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean since the fiscal year began Oct. 1.

In the previous fiscal year, authorities tallied 3,731 Cubans attempting to illegally migrate to the US by sea.

Coast Guard officials have said December's announcement of a detente may be driving more Cubans to attempt the journey, fearing the US will change its policy allowing Cubans reaching US land to stay and pursue citizenship.

Cuban migrants caught at sea usually are returned home, including 64 who were repatriated Monday.