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New allegations against gay American

Published:Saturday | October 31, 2015 | 1:39 PM


PORT-AU-PRINCE, (AP) -- Haitian investigators are looking into new allegations of child sex abuse against a American man who founded an orphanage for boys in Haiti's capital decades ago.

Police with an arrest warrant searched unsuccessfully last Friday for Michael Geilenfeld at a modest private residence in a mountainside community above Port-au-Prince and the nearby Wings of Hope home for about 30 physically and mentally disabled children and young adults.

The American is already the subject of another criminal case in Haiti that accused him of sexually abusing boys in his care.

He spent 237 days in detention before being released in April by a Haitian judge who dismissed the charges in a brief trial that was not attended by the accusers, now adults.

But the country's justice minister granted a re-examination of the case and it is now in court again on appeal.

Geilenfeld has argued that the false accusations of sexual abuse linger against him in impoverished Haiti because he was a gay man in what he described as a homophobic country.