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Senate approves gender as ‘X’

Published:Friday | April 26, 2019 | 12:00 AM


A proposal to allow Massachusetts residents to designate their gender as ‘X’ instead of male or female on a driver’s licence and birth certificate has been approved by the state Senate.

The 39-1 vote sends the measure to the House. The lone vote against the bill was cast by Senator Donald Humason, a Republican from Westfield.

If it becomes law, people would have three options for designating gender on a driver’s licence and other forms of state identification: ‘M” or male, ‘F’’ for female, and ‘X’’ for a non-binary designation.

Under a late addition to the bill, residents would also be allowed to request that their birth certificates be amended to include a gender-neutral listing.

Democratic Senate President Karen Spilka says that many people do not fit neatly into traditional gender categories.