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Death of navy captain draws US condemnation

Published:Monday | July 1, 2019 | 12:07 AM

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP):

A top US official says the death in custody of a Venezuelan navy captain shows that nobody’s safe in the crisis-wracked nation under President Nicolás Maduro.

Sunday’s tweet from US Assistant Secretary of State Kimberly Breier came a day after Capt Rafael Acosta died following an appearance in a Caracas court, bearing what his attorney says are the signs of torture.

Alonso Medina Roa says his bruised and bloody client was brought to the hearing in a wheelchair, unable to stand from intense pain and struggling to speak. He was accused of plotting to assassinate Maduro.

The death threatens to derail fragile negotiations to end the crisis.

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó is renewing his plea to the military to reject Maduro and join his movement.