Tue | Dec 7, 2021

Police deny members injured during latest battle with gangs

Published:Tuesday | September 21, 2021 | 12:07 AM


The National Police of Haiti on Monday denied reports circulating on social media that several police officers were injured during a security operation which took place in the city centre of Croix-des-Bouquets last Saturday.

The police maintain that their efforts to deal with the armed gangs who have been terrorising the population for several months are bearing fruit, even as media reports indicate that on Sunday, armed gunmen shot and killed the owner of a supermarket.

The armed gangs have also been kidnapping people and demanding ransom payments.

But in a report by Divisional Commissioner Jean Bruce Myrtil, he noted that “the central directorate of the Administrative Police is greatly satisfied with the progress of the intervention operations against armed gangs” in several places in the metropolitan area.

“For nearly two months, valiant police officers have been engaged in a relentless battle on several fronts against the gangs,” the report noted.

Myrtil said that the battles against the gangs “have seriously weakened these criminal associations and have considerably reduced their material and human potential, because targeted operations have fortunately resulted in the elimination of the most formidable bandits from each gang”.

“The surviving bosses are dislodged and living in the bush,” he said.

“Strikes targeting these leaders, their supporters and collaborators will soon be carried out both in their fiefdoms and in their tentacles, and also wherever the intelligence service indicates any link of a third party with a gang.”

The National Human Rights Defense Network said that eight police officers were killed by armed bandits between June 5 and 6. It said then that their deaths brought to 32 the number of police officers killed on duty since January 2021.

“With the exception of these attacks, in all police interventions against armed gangs, no police officer was seriously affected,” Myrtil said.

Last Saturday, media reports quoted a gang leader as saying that he intends to carry out reprisals “against the impertinence of the police”.